Hoppop Bato Baby Bath Tub

September 26, 2010 No Comments

This baby bath tub from Hoppop is both innovative and functional and get a real “thumbs up”.  For anyone who has ever bathed a baby, you will recognize the need this product fills.

A full sized bath tub might be big and scary to a baby. For the in-between stage when they outgrow the infant tub, a Hoppop Bato Baby Bathtub may be a nice compromise. The Bato Baby Bath features high supportive sides which are insulated to maintain water temperature. A drain plug is built in for ease of use. Available in lime, aqua or fuchsia, the Bato Bath is designed to look good while providing a safe place to bathe baby. It’s easy to clean and fun to use.

The Hoppop Bato Baby Bathtub retails for about $50 and would make an excellent gift for any new or expecting mom.

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